Fuel Tank Cap for E100 Series and S240 $20.71
Summer Fuel-Protect, 1 gallon $47.89

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Available in Summer and Winter formulas, our fuel conditioner is recommended for use in all diesel fuels and up to 20% blend (B20) biodiesel.

Fuel-Protect Fuel Conditioners help keep you going all season by preventing fuel system erosion caused by poor fuel quality. With John Deere Fuel Conditioners, you?ll maintain peak engine efficiency and notice smoother starting with less exhaust smoke.

Features and benefits

·        Boosts Cetane number for faster, smoother, fuel efficient starting

·        Lowers cold filter plugging point (CFPP) and pour point improving cold weather fuel flow

·        Lubricity improver for added protection and reduced fuel injection and pump wear when using (ULSD) fuel

·        Moisture control improves water tolerance and icing protection

·        Extends fuel filter life

·        Maintains fuel pump warranty

·        Minimizes smoking

·        Compatible with all diesel fuels

·        Cleans and keeps legacy mechanical fuel systems


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