Ultra Guard Tire and Rubber Protection, 20 oz
Ultra Guard Tire and Rubber Protection, 20 oz $8.39
Universal Vehicle Mounting Kit
Universal Vehicle Mounting Kit $91.67

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Ultra Surface Polish is a unique formula which contains soy derivatives that allow polishing to a brilliant, mirror-like finish on painted metal and metal surfaces, including aluminum, chrome, stainless steel, brass, copper, and silver. Removes oxidation, fish eyes, and swirls from tired old paint. Chemically separates oxidation from the surface and uses the oxidation as the polishing agent, while safe for clear-coated surfaces. The more you polish, the higher gloss that is achieved. Ultra Surface Polish Leaves an acrylic polymer barrier for surface protection and contains no abrasives, acids, or ammonia. Restores luster to paint, decals, chrome, wheels, and rims. TY26535 All-Purpose Cloth is an excellent partner product for Ultra Surface Polish.

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