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Cool-Gard II Pre-Mix, 2.5 gallon $34.19

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John Deere Cool-Gard II is a premium, ready-to-use, 50/50 premix engine coolant. Providing unsurpassed protection down to -34°F (-37°C) and boiling protection up to 227°F (108°C), Cool-Gard II extends service life up to 6-years, 6,000 hours in equipment, 300,000 miles in on-road, heavy-duty diesel vehicles or 150,000 miles in light-duty vehicles. Cool-Gard II is a low silicate, nitrite-free, high performance antifreeze/coolant designed to meet today’s heavy duty engine requirements and is an ideal choice for use in any diesel, gas or liquid-cooled engine. Protect your engine, protect your investment with Cool-Gard II.


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